10 days ago I was on a coaching call with Anna Boyer Jennings who was mentoring my mastermind ladies and that day I knew I needed to be in her energy.

At the time I did not know why but I just showed up.

We all discussed how we tend to break our own promises to ourselves which over time creates stories that we live by and believe is who we are.

Stories that say we cant do it, won’t do it, dont care enough do do it, etc etc.

So where do we being to change the story?

You decide you are a woman who. . .

She gave a visual of having a jar and adding a a large rock to it as a symbol of what we will decide to keep our promise to ourself and change the story.

For me I have not been honoring my health and my body. Not loving on the vessel that does so much for me without asking.

My first rock is walking everyday for me.

Not my dogs.
Not to please the doctor.
Not to lose weight.

I walk because it clears my mind.
I walk because it makes me feel great.
I walk because I LOVE ME!

What promise to self have you been breaking?

Pick one and start doing it and honoring self!

Drop in the comments what your rock is!

Thank you Anna for being an amazing support in the health and wellness part of our world and in my Freedom Creators Mastermind!

If you want to know how to be part of this group PM me.

Much love
Coach Jackie