After attending my April 2023 Outerbanks Freedom retreat this client completely changed her life. Her testimony made me cry with tears of joy and peace.

“Before I attended your event, I was trying to show up in a “correct” way.

Now I just show up with my whole self as I am, with Radical Acceptance of where I am today.

Before I attended I struggled with feeling safe in my skin, (What this looked like for me was a struggle to take showers, I have had no body autonomy in my past and many types of traumas in my life. After my shower, I would feel panicked, unsafe, and completely drained of energy)

Now I feel safe within myself (Now I can wake up and take a shower and it is just part of my morning, not the entire morning, with no emotional cost for showing!)

Before I didn’t feel worthy of moving forward with my life. I am recovering from homelessness, and have been in this supported housing program and just wasn’t feeling worthy of the next steps in my life.

Now, I have met with a Home Loan Expert and we have a plan for home ownership. I am diligently working toward this goal because I DESERVE IT.

Today I honestly say to myself. I love you, I trust you, and we got this and it moves me to tears.”

She has now decided to come to my next Outerbanks April 2025 Freedom retreat and I’m sooo excited to see what shifts after this one!

If you are yearning for a safe space to truly be you, release those old stories that have been holding you back from truly living, and stand more confidently in your skin the Freedom and Adventure Retreat is for you!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

5 spots left. Pm me for more info.