Have you ever been. . .

👉Passed over for promotions.
👉Worked like a dog to prove myself.
👉Paid less than my peers in the same role.
👉Fired from my job for not meeting expectations.
👉Told I wasn’t good enough to make more.
👉Considered unorganized and lacking professional appearance.
👉Cheated on and broken up with by my ex-boyfriends.
👉Not the pretty one to date.
👉Been lied to by ones I love.
👉Paycheck to paycheck with more month at the end of the money.

I have. . .

I had two choices with each circumstance. . . .

1. Make an excuse on why someone else was the reason for my challenge and how much I was being treated badly.


2. Take radical responsibility for self and take action to improve myself and step more fully into the best version of myself and let nothing stop me, especially the thoughts of others.

🧠In my mind I had no choice but to take action! 💥

Ever since I was seven I had to figure out a way to make things work out. After losing my mom at five and my dad working 70 hours a week to raise the 6 of us I was left alone a lot and created my own survival kit to make it on my own early on.

💯Success and forward movement is a choice. . .
💯Excuses are a choice. . .
🤔Which do you choose on a daily basis more often?

Be honest. No judgement. Once you are honest and aware of where you are at you get to decide to choose different!

❤Success is a choice!
❤Your desires are your destiny!
❤Choose them over the excuses!
❤They are waiting for you!

Much love
Coach Jackie ❤
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

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