I help simplify life for you…

Simplify thoughts
Simplify feelings
Simplify meanings
Simplify actions
Simplify reactions
Simplify ways of being

Big aha in my session with my brother today was how being so different from him helps me help him.

Growing up we were the closest in age and spent most of our time together before and after my mom passing when I was 5 and he was 8.

His mind always worked on warp speed all the time and was always smarter than his age by years. His mind has always had the most intense imagination and ability to create extremely elaborate stories that were always way above my head.

Many times I would be lost and just smile and nod like I understood what he was talking about. But man, it is such a powerful tool if used for good!

Today on our call I asked a question that in my mind was a simple answer of routine.

The answer was long, complicated, layered with thoughts, feelings, experiences and so much more!

I took a moment to listen and then interupted and said “let me simplify this for you…” And asked again with clarity of the simplicity of the question and possible answers.

“Ohhhh you just wanted a simple answer… ” he said and we both laughed.

Yes… how can we all simplify the way we think about things in life?

We makes things complex by adding layers of thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs that we think are needed to explain, justify, prove, validate, what and who we are being.

Not true and not necessary…


All get to be simple and free from anxiety, judgement, and over thinking.

If you desire the freedom of simplicity from the inside out lets talk!

One 60 minute Vision call and I guarantee you will feel more free than you did before! PM me for the link or drop interest in the comments below.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist