Friday was #internationalwomensday2024 and I loved seeing all the posts of supporting each other and the love being shared!

After meeting with two of my amazing self-lead, successful, badass clients this morning I realized the same thing came up for both women . . . It’s a challenge to celebrate and LOVE ourselves truly and feel worthy of it.

There was a theme of guilt and shame for not being good enough or successful enough with their selves and bodies. There was blame placed on being wrong or not doing things right when it came to their bodies or presence in the world.

Let’s ask ourselves these questions. . .

Do we celebrate our body?
Do we choose what’s best for our body and mind?
Do we talk to our body and mind lovingly?
Do we respect our body and mind?
Do we admire the beauty of our body?
Do we appreciate every roll, dimple, and wrinkle on our body?
Do we touch our body with love?
Do we nourish our mind and body with goodness?
Do we tell ourselves in the mirror how fucking amazing we are?

I had a branding shoot back and got soooo many beautiful shots from it and yet never shared any of the bonus boudoir shots we got. Why??

To keep it private?
To keep it hidden?
To not offend?
To stay appropriate?

Or was it because. . .

I didn’t believe it was worthy of sharing?
Wasn’t sexy enough or too sexy?
Fear of judgment or shame?

Why is it that so many women look back at pictures of times with their kids and loved ones and they are only in a few?

It’s time to stop hiding!
Time to live full out!
Live unapologetically you!

Show the world that authentically you is sexy no matter what shape, size, age, hair, wisdom lines, love dimples, uniqueness of you!

Share below a pic of you that is sexy, beautiful and fully you!!

Much love 
Coach Jackie

Photo credit to the amazing Tiffany Heidle-Lanza 

Are you ready to stop hiding and show up fully and own your badass self? PM me and let’s do this!