Early on in building my coaching business I quickly became known as the coach whose clients. . .

Quit and walk away from things
Lower their expectations
Cry often

Hmmm… I thought man that doesn’t sound good!!

It’s soooooo good and here is why. .

Quitting her job and getting asked to come back on a contract level making the same money in half the hours. . . #timefreedom #moneyfreedom

Quitting what job they thought they should be doing to be responsible to stepping into 7 different money-making options that align with who they are and feel amazing to do. . . #selffreedom

Walking away from the “place to be” area and moving everything to start a real estate portfolio and leadership coaching business in a lower-income community to help people get decent housing and a better life. #locationfreedom

Crying every session while healing the inner stuff that was holding them back from truly being loved by their partner and being all-in in life and biz! #selflove #selfactualization

Saying no to multiple people and organizations on the calendar to clear the way to having more time with family and doing the things they love. #boundaries #timefreedom

Releasing the expectation that they need to be perfect and wear all the hats to feel valuable and worthy. #worthy

Blowing up your life by walking away from a 22yr job, 20 yr marriage and location to have the life you truly want no matter how scary it is. #lovefreedom

Through quitting things that no longer serve them, releasing those unrealistic expectations of self, and giving themselves permission to cry and feel, they have awakened, empowered and own their badass selves!!

I OWN that I encourage quitting, walking away, saying no, crying your face off, being unapologetic, letting go of expectations, doing less, and receiving more!

I want this for me, for you and for all around me!

Much love all 😘
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor