Shed love and light on your struggles and know you are bigger and more powerful than your struggles!!!

Lets get real. . . .life can be a struggle at times and its not easy or fun!!

I like to say that the struggle isn’t real but that does not mean there is no struggle in life.

It means that the struggle is what we make it mean and that is in your control.

Even the word struggle can be shifted to the word challenge which changes the entire meaning we put on the circumstances we are experiencing.

I was faced with a huge challenge 6 weeks ago with full-time caring for my dad and advocating for my mom.

Lets be honest. . . .I definitely saw it as a STRUGGLE for the first 10 days! It was rough! Both mentally and physically.

I realized I was bigger than my challenge!

I changed the meaning I was putting on the situation and me and my ability and experience.

I shed love and light on my sadness, anger, frustration, shame, guilt, and confusion I was in during that time.

I let myself feel, and not be wrong for feeling all of those emotions.

This raised vibration and belief changed my experience. Which in turn impacted my dad’s day-to-day experience. And made the rest of the time together way easier than those first 10 days.

Notice how I didn’t say I decided to be happy or step into any toxic positivity?

That doesn’t help or work when you are having legit feelings of sadness, anger, etc. It only makes it worse when I mask it with total bullshit unicorns and rainbows!!

These are the shifts and awareness that you get to have quickly after working with me and my community.

This is what my clients mean when they say they have peace and calm amongst the chaos of life after working with me.

I get real with you cause Im real with myself!

I walk the chaotic walk myself and embrace the peace for self and all that are around me while walking through the fire.

Come walk with me!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor