The “I got it girl” who is busting her hump proving herself in every area of life and living a life she likes but doesn’t quite love.

She was that kid who learned early on how to survive everyday life without any help.
She was that kid who learned early on that people are busy and she needs to take care of it or it won’t get done.

So the “I got it girl” creation begins. . . .

She is highly successful at anything she does now because of this “I got it girl” way of being.

But doesn’t always believe or trust in her inner knowing that tells her that she is meant to be doing something different using her god given gifts.

To go against what she should be doing based on family and society norms would be too risky and not the smart thing to do.

So she waits. . . .for the “right” time. . .the “safe” time. . .

Fiercely independent and doesn’t need help from anyone to ensure she always seems capable of handling the situation.

But then feels the burnout from doing it all by herself.

I see you! I feel you! I was you!

There will never be the perfect time and you know this!
There wasn’t a perfect time to have kids.
There wasn’t a perfect time to get married or divorced.
There wasn’t a perfect time to switch jobs.

All of these events and more were the perfect time for you and your journey to take a leap of faith because you trusted!

And whatever the result lead to it was still exactly what was meant for you on your journey.

What if having a support team to help bounce life and business ideas off of could make the journey a bit easier?
What if having a group of like minded women in your corner to hold you accountable to the hard stuff and the celebrations in life could make it more fun?
What if success and wealth could be achieved in a state of calm and peace while having fun?

Being a recovering “I Got It Girl” I know now how different life gets to be and that all of these things can be true!!

You get to have it all!

PM me if this resonates you want to work with a customized freedom support team for you in your journey so you go from the “I got it girl” to the “WE Got it girl!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Freedom Empowerment Mentor