So I’ve been on a new journey and man have I been fighting it the whole way! 🤣🤣🤣

I decided in November to start the journey with a functional nutritionist to really learn about my body and what needed to change so I could feel the best I can in the second half of my life.

I was done with the unknown.

The unknown of what foods were causing that crappy feeling. And I’m not talking about the obvious gluten and sugar. Tomatoes, grains, lectins, nuts etc.

I was directed to do a paleo autoimmune protein protocol. . . .basically most veggies, meat proteins and low sugar fruit for the first 8 weeks to clean the body so I can add things in one at a time to see what’s up.

After some time here is what has come up for me. . . .

Food is fuel only. . . Boy did this statement piss me off!!

Food is fun!
Food is a creative outlet!
Food is connection!
Food is joy!
Food is love!

These are all the thoughts and stories that came up for me that was creating my struggle to stay on clean eating regimen.

I would find dairy free vegan protein shake and found out it had peas so i couldn’t do it.

I would try and make breakfast and couldn’t have eggs so I lost my mind.

I would try and go out to eat and would get frustrated that I couldn’t find anything to get that.

I felt deprived, alone, bored, frustrated, annoyed, and hungry!

Time to ask for help. . . .

Used the resources that I paid for and did a coaching session and worked through reframing my thought and old stories.

Dialed a friend/client for advice on recipes, food options and support.

Here is what I know now. . . .

I get to explore and be creative with new options of grocery stores, veggies, meats, seasonings, and have fun doing so.

I get to ask for what I want at restaurants and enjoy the company of others vs making food the focus of the time together.

I get eat food that fuels my body, tastes good, and makes me feel good afterwards.

No heartburn, bloat, coughing and congestion!

I get to play with my new air fryer and play!

Below have been some of playtime. . .

First Watch for breakfast and for an omelet amd salad with the green tonic juice. All approved and no reactions.

New veggie noodles with chicken meatballs sauted in olive oil, seasoning and fresh basil.

Sauted zuccini and squash and shrimp for breakfast.

Cauliflower mash made with coconut milk with seared ahi tuna.

Air fryer salmon and broccoli.

Rotisserie chicken and air fryer string beans.

Moral of this long winded story is that we all have our stories that hold us back from believing we can do something new.

Staying in those stories keeps us the same as we always have been and no more.

Change your story
Change your beliefs
Change your thoughts
Change your actions
Change your results

I’m changing my story now!

I own that I have control over my freedom of choice and love for me and my body!

What story do you have that is holding you back from the change you desire?

I’m here to help you rewrite your story so you can have the Freedom life you desire!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor