I was never that girl who took the full length selfie in the mirror.

I was never that girl who would walk around in her bathing suit without being covered in layers.

I was never that girl who felt like she could buy cute clothes because they probably won’t fit.

Fuck that!!! 🙌💥💃

I am that woman and always have been!!

I just never let her fully come out and play!!

Fully empower and own her magic!

It’s time ladies!!

Stop hiding!!

🔥Let’s Awaken her and remind her how powerful she is!
🔥Let’s Empower her so the world can feel her impact!
🔥Let’s Own her so she can use her magic to change the world!

It’s time to shine that light of yours so bright we all have to wear shades!! 😎

Much love
Coach Jackie ❤️
Your Freedom Mentor

Something new and juicy is coming soon!! The AEO experience!! Get ready!! 😲🤯😎🤩😍