Here is what Erin O’Keefe Hielkema had to say about working together in my Destiny Makers membership:

“Jackie has shifted my mental outlook on life to one of more possibility and more intentionality. What would Jackie do? (WWJD? haha!) is a question I can always ask myself when I’m deliberating on something or feeling down about a situation.

I also realized it’s ok to put myself and my mental wellbeing first, and it’s also ok to not live up to others’ expecations for my life. Jackie helped me realize what I want versus what others want of me.

Jackie is full of authentic, positive energy that lights up a room or a Zoom screen and her calls are something I look forward to so I can take that into the rest of my week or month. I’m trying to live my goals for ABUNDANCE in life and Jackie helps me make that a reality in both concrete/specific ways as well as with my mindset.

Thank you, Jackie!”

Erin has co owned her business with her sister for over 2 decades and are highly successful and they still like each other! Lol

We met at an RV entrepreneur retreat a couple years ago. It’s been such an honor to witness her journey and so grateful that she trusted in me to be part of it!

If you can relate to her experiences and want some of that join my re opening of the Destiny Makers Membership!

We start next week! Here is the link to sign up! And you get a free vision call if you enroll before June 1st:

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor