I’m sitting here doing my post-birthday reflection with my ice coffee and half of an oreo cupcake from last night. (Cupcakes for breakfast with no shame or guilt is what 51 is all about! Lol)

First let me say thank you for all the beautiful wishes you all did for me throughout the day! I am truly grateful and sending love back to each of you!

I love FB memories from yesterday and today reminding me of my birthdays past.

The pic of these amazing ladies was from 2019 when I held my first meeting for a networking group that I started a chapter for in the Lake Anna/Richmond area of Virginia.

Earlier that year I kicked off my business by googling networking groups near me and one called Girl Boss came up and I attended my first one and the rest is history.

In a short 6 months I had made the most amazing connections that lead to this gathering and the foundation of Jackie Cote Coaching llc today.

Since then my birthdays have been the following:

2019 was this meeting in Lake Anna Virginia
2020 first trip to use the RV to Lake George to test out thr RV travels
2021 first official full time trip to Maine/NH to get lobster
2022 first time in Montana at Glacier National park and Wyoming where I reconnected with my brother after 20 years
2023 first time to Niagara falls and dinner with my friend of 25 years in Indiana

Im speechless and grateful when I think about the life I have been able to create and step into and yet I know I am playing small for what is possible for me and all in my world!

Not sure where I will be for my 2024 birthday yet but I know its going to include epic growth and stepping into the power that I know I have but have been afraid to fully own.

Who is ready this year to truly awaken, empower and own your magic?

Trick question because we are never “ready” in our human world and yet always ready in our soulful possibility world.

Come step into faith with me and trust that you are meant for your mission and surrender to what you think its supposed to look like.

If you told me 5 or more years ago that my life would look like it does today I would have laughed off and thought you were crazy!

Its time to stop waiting till we think we are “ready” to go for it! Go for it now and trust!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

PS thank you to all the Girl Boss/ Pinnacle women who started this journey with me and many are still here with me!