Just had a moment at lunch that reminded me of one of my inner beliefs around food and me.

One of the biggest fears that pops up is that when I go out its hard to find stuff that would be good for me and my body so a little voice says, screw it and just get whatever while out.

At this coffee shop today they have an item called the catalyst bowl that came with eggs, turkey sausage, avocado, onions, spinach and peppers with salsa on the side.

So fricken good and all of that is stuff my body likes and doesnt react badly to. I get to honor my body and have great food and I am in control and not a victim to my story!!

I shared this with a dear friend and client of mine who has created a life style of honoring her body and makes it look so easy and fun!

After I shared she shared with me her food struggles in the past that she hasn’t shared before. We never know someone’s story so never assume.

Sometimes people who are in the struggle see people who don’t look like its ever been an issue and assume that they never experienced challenges in this area.

Not true and this can be another form of judgment on them which is actually what she experienced in her younger years whenever she tried to trust her intuition and inner knowing.

We also can take on the stories of our past and create coping mechanisms for “survival” after a loss of a parent or someone you love.

I never thought the loss of my mom at 5 impacted me because I didn’t get much time so why would it??

I know that sounds crazy but now I realize how much it did and how much food was a coping mechanism that helped me handle the stress of loneliness and emotional regulation.

I say all of this to encourage everyone to have open dialogue with a community that you feel safe in. Whether that is a community of one or many find one where you feel safe, held, heard and not judged or told one way is the right way.

After our retreat last weekend we had an open conversation around being kind and loving to yourself one action step at a time. Creating simple habits like drinking water and changing the belief to being one who drinks water!

Being the coach that mostly brought these women together because of the work I do, my mission is to always create a “we are different and yet the same”, side by side, supportive, safe culture for all so that we can change the world together!

You are supported!
You are safe!
You are loved!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor