It all starts with a Vision…..

That Vision can be hard to see clearly at first.
That Vision can feel like a huge mountain to climb.
That Vision can feel so far away.

So did walking, talking, and even going potty one time in our life!

But we did it!

We didn’t give up because. . .
We didn’t know exactly how
We fell down 100s of times
We talked and no one could understand us

Giving up wasn’t even a concept to us then!

Tapping into and going for the unknown is a natural instinct until it’s not.. . .

Go back to that little human who didn’t know anything and just went for it!

Give yourself permission to Vision the Freedom life you desire and go for it!

And just like when you were a kid and people cheered you on, surround yourself with humans who will do the same for you now no matter what!

You have one of those humans already. . .ME!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist

📸 View of Pikes Peak in Colorado from a hike in the Garden of the Gods.