It Gets to Be Easy!!

😢Feeling trapped but “making it work”.
😢Feeling unhappy but faking the “I’m fine”.
😢Feeling desire for more but staying in the safe known.
Any of these sound familiar?

This was me during my last year of my restaurant career.

😢Crying while driving into the office on my 1.5 hour commute because of how unhappy and resistant I was to the life I created.
😢Surrounding myself with people who didn’t think I was good enough based on their views and taking on that belief.
😢Thinking I was alone on this journey my whole life so I gotta make it work and never give up because I’m the “I got it girl!”.

Making life harder than it needs to be is a way of being in today’s society and since the dawn of time.
It’s a badge of honor to struggle and work hard to make it!
I lived the “it must be hard to be worth it” journey most of my life along with the “you gotta figure it out girl on your own” belief.

The moment (and ongoing for life moments) I decided to Trust and Surrender to my higher power and be willing to receive the EASY. . Life got easier.
This moment was September 2019, a year after. . .
🤔I got fired from that job and decided to bet on me to build a business of my own.
🤔I struggled, hussled, and grinded the whole year to make this business thing work.
🤔I tried all the things and felt like nothing was working to make the money I needed to survive

Then I let go. . . .
👉Let go of the belief I was alone on the journey
👉Let go of the belief that the struggle was real
👉Let go of the belief that I was trapped in the past that I knew

I leaned in to the new beliefs. . .
💯That the struggle isn’t real unless I decide it to be
💯That the journey is only lonely if I decide it to be
💯That that I am meant for my desires if I decide to be

Let go and trust!
Lean in and trust!
Lean back and surrender!
Let it be easy! 🤗❤️😘

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist
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