I used to use the saying “It is what it is!” whenever something wasn’t quite what I desired so I made it ok to be what it is. I didnt believe it could be anything else that what I saw as evidence.

I no longer use this saying or believe this to be true.

“It is what we have faith it to be!” ✨️✨️✨️

Whatever we desire to have already exists as well as the path to it. The key is to have faith that this is true without

Needing evidence in the now keeps us exactly where we are with no chance of moving out of the predictable life we are living.

Take a moment and get quiet and ask yourself. . . What is possible?

Possibility is knowing something more is possible because you have seen it happen for others or know you have done something similar so you can go for it!

Take this to another level and ask yourself. . . .What is possible without evidence?

Faith, belief and staying in the knowing without evidence is true manifestation.

Its moments of peace like this with my dogs, surrounded by nature, sipping on my tea that I stand in faith of what is already done without evidence.😍🙏❤️

Much love all 😘
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist