It’s been a couple of weeks since the wedding and what a whirlwind it has been! 🤪😴🫣

Beautifully perfect wedding to my love and forever partner in life with people I love.

Scary accident with our daughter and grandson that shook our worlds that night.

Change in plans to VA from NJ to help them and then get them to a safe place in Kentucky.

Sudden repairs needed to all the vehicles before we could resume plans to the north east.

Two beautiful days of driving 24 hours to New Hampshire to get back to our routine.

Challenges with getting Mike up and running with work creating a couple weeks of no income.

Ready to get back to work and my computer locks me out and no internet service in our location.

Had two amazing calls with my membership and mastermind ladies from my cell phone in my truck in a random
parking lot to get service.

Sometimes the universe is telling us to step back, breathe and just BE.

Be with self
Be with your love
Be with God

Yet we push and push to do and make it happen.

Then trying to control the when and how the outcome will be.

This energy is a detracting energy instead of an attraction energy.

Yes we must take action to get shit done. . .

The difference is taking action from a place of flow and fun.

Then leaning back, trusting and surrendering to the outcome.

Today I woke up and calmly did my normal morning routine, decided I was going to get a pedicure at some point, and then guess what???

My computer situation worked out.

Once I let go.

How can you let go, trust, and surrender today?

And once you do that… surrender some more.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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