It’s that time of year!

Where you get a ton of emails and posts about reflections from 2023 and asking what your goals are for 2024!

I asked this question of my clients in my mastermind and membership programs and the answers I got sums up so many lessons learned and ways of being that will create 2024 for all of us!

“What lessons did you learn from working together in this community that 2023 that you will be carrying into 2024?”

I get to say NO to things that aren’t aligned so I can make more space for self.

My value is not determined by my productivity or perceived success.

I impact the world with intention through my magic.

I will move on from the “Pick me” syndrome that we have been taught.

I get to talk to the people who are ready for you.

I am more confident, secure, peaceful, relaxed, and trusting after being in this group.

I get to work less and receive more.

It’s time to step into my leadership of others.

I get to co-create with God.

I am enough and I don’t need more knowledge or certifications to prove that.

I will be an active participant in my life.

I am committed to self and self-care.

I am the magic- no one or nothing else is.

I own who I am and who I am becoming.

I live with no judgment- just curiosity philosophy instead of self-abuse.

I feel peace and fulfillment vs crashing and chaotic all the time.

I will Be it until I am it.

I am more willing to put myself out there.

I deserve a seat at any table and no one is out of my league.

I am where I am supposed to be and the right things happen for me as long as I trust.

I am enough being my unconventional self.

My healing does not have feel like Im going to war for weeks, it gets to be easier.

My health and wellness is my number one priority.

Sometimes I have a challenge explaining what I do to the world because its not crystal clear like make more money, lose weight, etc etc.

When I hear my clients speak to how their lives have changed for the better and how they have stepped more into owning who they are fully and unapologetically, it reminds me of the power God has given me to be a catalyst for you to step into your power.

I AM THE ONE to do this the way God meant for me to do it. My work matters and I know that everytime I witness another human in my space own thier power and peace and live more freely than ever!

If you are ready to walk side by side with other self lead, ambitious, already successful women, take yourself to a new level of peace and freedom give me a hell yeah comment below!!


My Freedom Creator Mastermind is open for enrollment and I extended the 30% off FREEDOM30 coupon till end of January.

I know my life got turned upside down in December and couldn’t wrap my head around a new program. Jaunary is the month for me to step into my next level of support.

Is it yours too? Let’s do this together!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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