Its time for You to trust YOU!

One of my amazing Destiny Makers membership members posted this request for support and I wanted to share because I know she isnt alone.

Feeling safe to be vulnerable is the #1 importance in my community and she shows that she feels safe to share and ask for help.

Huge win for women is the be vulnerable and ask for help! And im sharing anonymously because of this safety I provide. And I also believe when we share our fears and challenges we heal self and others in the process.

Here is what she said:

“I really struggle with listening to the same old BS story. I have been telling myself the same story for several years. I need help and encouragement for the new story. I am tired of the same story year after year!”

Here is what I shared back:

“The old story is familiar. The new story, even though it’s better, is scary because it’s unbelievable to the brain. It’s in your hands to decide each day that you choose different. Once you have the awareness you are in control not the old story. It takes daily work and choices and no one outside of you can do it for you. If you let others try and do it for you it won’t stick. It will always be temporary.
It’s inside you that you need to rewire or rewrite the old beliefs through making choices that support the way of being you desire. This will build trust in self over time and not be dependent on others.
You will fall and make old life choices and that’s human of you. Recognize those for what they are and move on by choosing different and standing in the desired way of being now.
If you want the new way of being bad enough you will make the daily choices enough times that you will be in the new belief and way of being before you know it. The key is you must believe it’s possible for you and own that now before you are there fully.”

You see I’m all about inspiring people and helping them see whats possible for them! And I will (and have for 100s of people over the past 30 plus years), hold that gift of belief for them until they get there and own it.

But ultimately they must rewire the belief and embody it or once I am no longer there, they will go back to what is known.

Im not the coach that is here to tell you what to do and how to do it based on my way.

Im the coach that will HELP YOU GET BACK TO YOU and TRUST YOU!

I’ve had multiple conversations this past week with very successful powerful women who have lost their way to them.

They have found themselves looking outside of themselves for the answers and believing that others are right instead of trusting their own intuiton and knowing.

In a world of overload of info we have forgotten our inner power and knowing.

Its time to Awaken, Empower, and Own YOU!

Thats what I help you do for you so that you can truly live and love life right now!

If you can relate message me and lets talk.

Its time to trust you!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

Photo by Tiffany Heidle-Lanza