True or false?

Can be true but not in this order.

We have been trained to believe how much money we make determines how confident we get to be.

This is so not true!

When I think back to when i was the most confident, it was before the success came. One memory was when I was being ready to open a new Potbelly restaurant location and I had to be confident in my ability to do so before I executed the success the opening had. I couldn’t wait for proof of success to be confident or everything leading up to it would have been a disaster!

We must believe before we can achieve!

And I’ll add that we must be willing to receive the success that comes with it all or it won’t happen.

Leaders move confidently first which creates the success they achieve.

This is just one way a leader can Awaken, Empower and Own their leader within.

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Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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