After the week one call for my monthly Destiny Makers membership my cup was so full!!

We do 2 things on this call as a group every month. We celebrate anything big, small, shifts, etc that came into our lives. Then we go around and share what we are calling in for the next month.

It’s a form of goal setting but adding the feminine energy of feelings and experiences from an intentional place.

And we do with markers, crayons, free flowing structure, drawing and whatever else that will make it fun!

I don’t know about you but that was missing from the SMART goal-setting we did in corporate America.

No fun had
No feeling talk
No experience along the way vision

So I decided to combine both the masculine and the feminine each month with celebration!

This is just week one of 4 zoom calls a month that you get when you join my kickass community!

Today we will be doing belief work with Coach Jen Ingram to match our belief system with our true desires. Things don’t work when they don’t align.

Community, accountability, a safe place to be you fully, strategy and mindset support, guest expert workshops, laser coaching, and chat support in between.

If this makes you smile and you feel that inner desire to be part of PM me or give me “I’m in” in the comments below!!

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Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor