When was the last time you went on a retreat just for you?

For you to get spoiled and not have to lift a finger the whole time
For you to travel to places you haven’t been to yet
For you to shift out of the stories that are holding you back
For you to create everlasting relationships of love light and support
For you to feel and live the freedom life you desire and deserve

We were taught that we had to wait for this life till we retired and were 65 plus.
We were taught that we could only take time off if we had permission and could “afford” it.
We were taught that we used vacation to escape the life we were living and hated coming home back to reality.

Im here to tell you it gets to be different! You get to experience it all now while living at any age!

You get to. . .
Live a life of retirement now and make money while doing it!
Live a a life you love and dont have to escape!
Live the freedom life you desire and truly deserve to have now!

Retreats are non negotiables for me quarterly and can be anything from a day away by myself in a spa or hotel, to a week away with like minded self lead women to grow with.

I have 3 retreats that you can join and I know tons more I could refer you to. You get to do this!

It’s time for you to live life now so you can be fullfilled along the journey and no longer wait!

Need help with this? I got you!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

Comment below or PM me if you want info for any of the retreats below!