Story telling September!!

Labor day. . . What does it mean? What are we really celbrating?

Yes I looked it up since I hadn’t really thought about it ever. I just celebrated when I could. But for 30 years in the restaurant biz I never really had holidays!

And whats crazy is its all about having a more reasonable work life and giving a day for all to truly take off.

Some extra Time Freedom for the work force. And I never got to take it! 🤣🤣🤣

No wonder I was so driven to ceeate my own Time Freedom when I had the chance to bet on me!

Drop in the comments what you are doing today?

Interestingly I am doing work today. Couple client calls, behind the scenes stuff, personal catch up etc.

Why you ask now that I control my schedule and time?

Because I have created a life where anyday I choose I get to be off. Not just the ones designed for society to take off.

Mike and I leave Wednesday for a 5 day RV entrepreneur retreat event this week so today and tomorrow I choose to work.

Then I leave on Monday for AZ for 10 days for a speakers retreat with my fellow powerful speaker community.


So today I am celebrating my right to choose what days to work and what days to not.

Guilt free and Empowered!

If you chose today to not work enjoy the crap out of it! And take a moment to think. . . How can I have more of these by choice?

Time freedom is one of the top goals my clients desire to create more of in their lives and we make it happen!

If you’re curious how I can help you do that PM me and lets chat.

Much love all!
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist