Last year at this time Mike and I were living on our friend’s ranch in San Antonio, Texas in the RV.

We got to experience all sorts of fun stuff when it came to horses, chickens, and goats.

This picture was from when we cleaned up some major amounts of shit!! 💩🤣🤪

I got to help clean out goat and horse stalls on the ranch after some time of build up.

Stay with me here. . . Lol

I’ve always told you that I can turn everything I do in a day into a life lesson so let’s turn this shit story into magic goodness! 🤣🤪💩

I learned the longer you wait to clean up the shit the harder it is to do!

The longer it takes to break down all the layers of build-up.

Just like in life the longer you wait to heal and clean up your shit the harder it is to get to the life you truly desire!

The more layers on top of layers of stories that each cover the previous, all take over what we are seeing and receiving in our world.

The “shit” in this lesson is the inner work. The icky stuff. 🤮🤮🤮
The stuff I used to avoid like the plague!
The stuff that just seems too hard to do because it feels like it’s been too long and too late.

It’s never too late!!

It starts with awareness and complete honesty with yourself of where you are at from a place of no judgment just curiosity.

Standing in the old shit and talking about it is just a waste of time and mental energy.

Once you get real with yourself then you get to start!

One shovel at a time.
One layer at a time.
One win at a time.

And once the layers are lifted and the space is cleaner you get to reset it up the way you want it to be moving forward! ( the pic is the after set up. Forgot to get the pic of shit!)

But this isn’t a one-and-done thing!

You have to work on it daily, weekly, monthly. And if you don’t it goes back to the same layers of shit and it gets hard again and stays hard.

Moral of the story. . . .

Life doesn’t have to be a pile of shit that’s really hard to clean up all the time! 💩🤣💩🤣

And btw I’m one of those strange people who loves to talk about poop!!!

Who is with me?? 🤣🤪💩

Much love
Coach Jackie ❤️
Your Freedom Mentor