Leadership of self and others challenges and solutions – my August fb lives series.

Challenge: how can you become more of a leader in your exact shoes right now, whether you are in a titled leadership position or not?

Solution: ask yourself the question “what would make me more of a leader in this situation?”

This can apply to getting out the door to walk each day to honor your commitment to yourself and your body.

This can apply to when you are complacent as an employee and wanting to create more joy and fulfillment in doing your job: go to your leader with a solution to something that involves you doing what you love and are great at.

This could apply to realizing you as a leader havent done any personal vision work and wonder why your team is flat and lacking vision. Step up and do yours and share with them.

Everything in life gives us an opportunity to choose to be a leader in that moment for us, for them, for all around us!

Your world around you needs you to go first so they can see whats possible!! No
matter how small you think it is. . . Go first!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor