Went to Panera to work for a bit and just by being me I got 2 leads for my Freedom Vision calls! And gave out 2 of those nifty new business cards! 🤗😁😍

One lady heard me talking to someone about what I do on a connect call and gave me her card and wants to talk and the other I smiled and said hi and she asked me what I do.

My point of telling you this is that when we stop the hustle, the looking for it, the trying to make it happen and all the push energies and shift into the energy of just being your magical badass self in the world people come to you!

Change the focus to living your life fully and sharing with the world your gifts and trust all your desires will happen!

Its more important to have that vision and know in your core that your desires are meant for you than all the strategy in the world.

We already have all we need inside of us!! Its time to trust, love, believe and receive!

I have no idea what will come from these meetings so I celebrate the meeting of new beautiful people and think about how amazing its going to be to spend more time with them!

Much love
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist

PS next program is going to be all about time and money freedom!! Who wants more of that?? 🙌💯🙌💯