“Let the opportunities come to you”- Tazo tea

With a life full of possibilities and limitless potential why are we taught that life should be a certain way?

Why do we try and control it all?

What if we just let it flow from a place of love, joy, gratitude, and doing what we love?

What could happen if we trusted more?

Trusted that when we come from this place of service being authentically ourselves and let go of controlling the exact out come opportunities we never imagined show up.

As I live my traveling lifestyle I sometimes wonder if I’m doing enough, offering my services enough, working the business enough.

When I tried to answer this question I realized how my life and my business are one identity in the best way ever.

👉My traveling life is what I want others to see is possible for them and that’s my business.
👉My ability to completely control my schedule, change it whenever necessary, and take massive time free to explore is my business.
👉My connecting with nature, my partner, my self, my God, is my business.
👉My energetic in this freedom lifestyle helps others feel into theirs and that’s my business.

I get to live this life for you, for me, for us.

Today I cleared my whole day so I can go visit Yellowstone National Park with my love and my brother who is surprise visiting after many years of not seeing each other.

We get to choose everyday the life we desire.

Let’s choose freedom together my friend!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist

If you desire more info to work with me towards your Freedom life PM me.