Let’s get naked wayyyyy more often ladies!!!

Its time to stop hiding behind the clothes and the sheets.

Its time to. . .

Walk around the house naked without worrying what your partner sees.

Use the outdoor tub naked at the resort and hope someone catches a glimpse.

Sleep naked and love the feel of your body against the sheets.

Make love with all the lights on and lay afterwards with no covers.

These were never things I would do previous to doing the work on me and healing those childhood wounds and old stories that kept me hiding behind the clothes and sheets.

When I got back from taking care of my dad in January so much shifted for me personally in ways that I could never imagine it would after dealing with aging sick parents.

One of the biggest shifts for me was how I felt about my body and loving it for all that it is.

When we do this ladies for ourselves and fully embody our magnificence its impacts everything else in our lives for the better.

Our relationship intimacy increases
Our business success increases
Our level of magnetism increases
Our fun factor increases
Our health and wellness increases
Our level of peace increases
Our lives just feel easier

In my BE Empowerful program you will increase all of these through doing the work to embody your true self and love the heck out of you!

Let me be honest that I didnt know what I didnt know.

It wasn’t until I was willing to invest in me and go there and learn the skills to be aware, heal and make the changes in my belief system to get to this place!

And btw getting naked isn’t just about physical nakedness. Its time to get naked in all ways!

Who wants more nakedness?

Give me a hell yeah below if so!! Or PM me anytime and share what comes up for you when you read this.

Much love
Coach Jackie