Life by design not default!

The beach and sun solo time with my journal, family time with dad and bro, Italian food from a local mom and pop, flowers to smell when I get home, a coaching session for me, and some mama time.

We get to choose the day we desire to have. Even with the day to day that doesnt feel like a choice, we get to choose our energy around the day.

We get to choose our thoughts and feelings which will create our actions and results of the day.

Some of the stuff I am dealing with is heavy energy and not “fun” at all. Its frustrating, annoying, emotional, scary, unknown and I have no control over any of it.

What I can control is what I ask for from God and the energy I carry around the belief of what He is doing for me and the loved ones around me.

And then I let go of control and Trust.

Trust that everything works out for me and He is taking care of me and my desires.
Trust that its all happening in perfect timing.
Trust that it is all happening for me not to me.
Trust that I am fully supported and loved, even when it looks like otherwise in my 3D world.
Trust that the how will show up.
Trust in the silence and listening to my inner knowing.

How can you lean more into trust and let go?
How can you BE more and let your desires design your life from this place of trust and love?

Im here to hold the space for you to trust and surrender and let life be what you truly desire and feel the freedom in each moment.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom and Love Mentor

5 spots left for the April 2025 retreat. Trust that if you desire to go all will work out for you to go! PM me for info.