And just like that. . .

Flight is booked to Virgina on Wednesday.

Ride is set to the airport by Suzy Wraines.

Dog care is all set with Michael J. Morris and Suzy.

Angie Erschens is picking me up from Dulles and taking me to get my old car from Marc Mullen and letting me stay at her house.

Calendar availability for December is blocked till fither notice.

Get together set for Thursday night with my Virginia friends

Friday lunch with Laura Cook at my favorite place in Reston.

Travel to Maryland to see friends before I land in NJ next week and get set to take care of the folks.

Im so blessed to have so many beautiful souls in my life and the freedom to do what I need to do without having to ask for permission from anyone.

The rest of 2023 is looking different than I planned, but when does life ever look like we think it will?? Lol.

What life does do is turn out exactly the way its meant to be and I’m embracing the journey.

Big shout out to my man Mike for supporting me in all I do no matter what. Love you babe!

Thank you everyone for tbe support and love!

Much love all!
Coach Jackie

PS i chose these pics from our wedding in May that I will cherish forever. So much has changed in a short 6 months.

Live your life today! Dont wait!