DECIDE December. . . Decide to look for what’s right vs whats wrong.

In the last 24 hours Ive received messages and calls from clients and friends about the following. . .

They just got notice that they won’t be employed by end of day Friday.

Another is in a toxic work environment that has created a horrible work environment.

Realizations that relationships that were once good friends are no longer true and it hurts.

Clients are dropping like flies as they shift to thier next level business and it’s scary.

And then there is me. . .

I’m finally getting over this ridiculous cold after 8 days and headed to my folks finally in NJ.

I announced yesterday I’m shutting down my membership until further notice and this will be a loss of clients for now.

I cleared my calendar for December and its scary empty and freaks me out.

Im stepping into the unknown, trust and surrendering to whatever is meant to be next for me.

Through all of these thoughts I know for all of us good is happening and everything works out for us.

Im not talking about that toxic positivity crap!

Im talking about looking at what is going right at the same time as going through the shit. This helps bring us to a neutral place that we can still see how ita all happening for us.

For example. . .

I get to spend time with my parents that I would have missed and we never know how long we have left.

My client gets to officially step into her own business and power that she has always dreamed of doing and leave the false security of working for someone else.

We get to leave those relationships that no longer serve us and open space for ones that fill our cup more than we ever imagined they could.

Our business gets to shift so we can step into whats meant for our next level greatness in the work we do in the world.

Whenever we find ourselves in the state of being that sees all that is going wrong. . .pause. . .and think what is going right?

So much is right and its usually right in front of us. We just have to open our eyes to it all.

Much love
Coach Jackie

Artwork and wisdom by Angela Hall who is your Tech geek and professional problem solver who is part of your Freedom Support team in my Freedom Creator Mastermind container!