Loveeeee when I get to see my clients from all over the country because of the freedom life ive created!

Quick 2 day stop in Iowa to see Ann Pritchett and have dinner and walk around the towns little festival. (Forgot to take pics of that)

Ann is an example of someone who did the scary inner work to change the direction her life was going in. Basically she blew up her life while working with me to create the happiness, love and hoy she now has!

Now its time to go all in on the coaching business she has always wanted to help others do the same.

What we think we need to get a business going is the strategy of what to do. The reality is that is only 20% and its the 80% of inner work that helps you actually do the strategy!

If you are curious how to blow up your life so you can create your dream life lets chat!

Love you girl and so excited for whats to come!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

The food here was really good btw!