I got the honor to be on the “Just Between Coaches with Melinda Cohan” and the episode just went live today!!

Making Coaching an Adventure was the theme. In this episode, Melinda and I talk about some of the following nuggets:

My visualization of success and freedom through owning a lake house with a mountain view and an emphasis on nature’s role in expanding my personal and client-oriented vision

Guiding clients’ self-discovery of desires and pathways to possibilities while rising above fear, living in future visions, and letting go of past concerns.

How taking risks is a growth and outreach strategies and how I am running a successful virtual coaching business while traveling.

The practical aspects and emotional considerations of mobile entrepreneurship.

The critical role of clarity in vision and desires while building a business framework.

Overcoming fear and complacency by reframing experiences as adventures.

Setting intentions to harness feelings of freedom and success.

Manifestation of desires over time and embracing change as a constant in life

The turning point of me going “all in” on my business!

Info here!

And dont forget to subscribe to her podcast and check out her platform! A wealth of info and an amazing leader in the industry and a beautiful soul!!

Much love
Coach Jackie