What is a Freedom Creator??

A Freedom Creator is an ambitious professional woman, like yourself, who has already created forms of success and money in her life doing what she thinks she “should” be doing.

She knows there is more freedom in their next chapter but is afraid of losing what she has already created by going for her true desires.

Instead of investing time and money into 6 coaches’ programs, you get it all in one place with a Freedom Support team that works together to mentor and support you on your journey back to you and OWNing your true self.

After working with me and this Freedom Support Team, you stop doing the “shoulds” and you fully embrace what you are meant to be doing while creating an internal freedom to own your personal power and create even more success, love, time, money and freedom in your life!

Meet Angela Hall your Helpful Chick, Professional Problem Solver and Tech Geek!!! In this video you get a chance to get to know her and what her magic is to help support you in this journey!

She has changed my life and is one of the 6 Freedom Support Team that will help you never get stuck due to technology again!

It’s time to be that Freedom Creator so you can be the Destiny Maker of all your desires!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

Early bird action taker!!!! Join the Freedom Creator Mastermind before the end of the 2023 and get locked into 777 a month vs the 1111 it will be come 2024. Pay in full options get 1 or 2 months free!! Message me for details of if you want to jump on a call and see if its the right fit for you and us!