Mixed emotions of being back home in the RV in Colorado.

Came home to a beautiful 65 degree day to my love, my dogs, my side porch, and some delicious corned beef and cabbage.

Super grateful!

And I feel discombobulated. The RV feels small, cluttered, inconvenient, unclean, and not like home right away. After sleeping in a normal bedroom and home with full sized kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms you start to think.

There is a sense of guilt and shame to feel this way about my lifestyle and yet I do love our life we have created!

Super grateful!

Then there is the part about leaving my family and not seeing them again for a while and missing them already! I have had more time with my parents and brothers the last six months than I have most of my life. So

So again I feel confused on living so far away again from them and the kids and grandkids and yet kove the ability to travel and explore!

Super grateful!

I share all of this with you because we are filled with so much duality of thoughts in life that sometimes can be the reason we dont do things we love or take action towards our dreams.

When you encounter similar times filled with up and down thoughts and feelings give yourself grace!

Let yourself feel them.

Listen to all of them and let them float by.

Acknowledge them as things you love and desire.

Just like a buffet you get to choose which ones align with who you are now and want to be now.

Just because some desires dont align right now with what you are creating it doesn’t mean that they won’t happen on your future journey.

Allow yourself to feel all the desires that come to you. And trust they are meant for you at some point in your life.
And yes you will cry! God knows I have! A lot!

So for now I am a full time nomad RVer building my Feedom business from the Colorado mountains with my love and my two pups!

Being your Freedom and Love Mentor, I’m here to help you BE who you desire to BE now and live the life you truly love and always go for your dreams!

1:1 with me is the fastest way to this! Ask me about the 3 month special kick start your Freedom life package I have for only 5 people!

Much love
Coach Jackie