Money. . . So interesting what I have witnessed recently and over the years.

You know how they say that the truth comes out when we are in altered states of being?

I’ve noticed with some personal life experiences with self and others I love around me, that when something has altered our neutral state like medication, alcohol, food, disease in the body, pain, etc we tend to easily tap into and release the negative we have felt around money in our relationships towards others.

Is it pent-up, unspoken truth?

Have we held in the conflict for so long it releases when not in control of our emotions?

Is it past stories and generational stuff coming out?

Whatever it is. . . It has opened my eyes even more to the power of meaning and feelings towards the concept of money.

I vow to continue to heal my money stories, past generational stories, and societal casting and create stories from a place of love, joy, gratitude and abundance without attachment to this inanimate object that we let take so much control of our lives in not a good way.

Let’s be honest. . .

I have made choices around money for others while being the main breadwinner for most of my life that I have held in resentment around desires of it being returned, even though I didn’t say it had to be.

Or I have carried the stories of 50/50 split, or when will someone financially take care of me, or the I’m tired of being the one to carry others with me for a long time.

The thing is. . . .these were all my choices and and once the decision was made it’s on me to own that. Its also my choice to attach the meaning I have to it.

So the moral of the story for me, while I have observed so much anger, shame and blame around money, is to own my choices and rewire the way I see them and always choose LOVE moving forward.

I mean i have fricken tattoo that asks me that question daily!! Lol
Join me in changing our way of thinking and feeling around money and create new beliefs that focus on abundance and love!

Much love all!
Coach Jackie
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