My BEing Selfish for me time update. . . .

Crashed hard at 11pm and slept straight through till the 555am alarm. That made me giggle since one of the main reasons I did this was to get a good night sleep without being woken up by my dad. Lol

Fell back asleep till 830am and walked downstairs in my slippers to get a delicious free pumpkin spice latte with my rewards. (Would have been a $10 drink cause its in a hotel)

Enjoyed a delicious made to order omelet with my included breakfast. Of course I met the lady next to me while dining and she gave me tips on some of the best places to eat locally.

Booked my mani pedi appointment for later on with one of my best friends in NJ. After that we will enjoy dinner together.

As I sit here wathcing the hussle and bussle of the service workers it reminded me of the world I used to be in and how much I loved it and was ready to leave it when I did.

If I didnt leave and build the life I have now I would not have been able to come be with my dad and step mom for as long as they need me to.

Im beyond grateful for my life and will continue to say YES and THANK YOU to all the blessings here now and soon to come into my life and all that surround me in my village.

Today take a moment, or a bunch of moments, and say THANK YOU to things happening throughout the day. And really mean it and feel it.

Share below what comes up for you!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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