Where do I begin???

I am so full of gratitude for the magic of this perfect day!

Day one of my 1st Freedom and Adventure Retreat!!

Delicious breakfast with chef Bria Stifter to start the day.

First Freedom session we stepped into the paradigms of the retreat and shared stories and broke through some shit!

We had yoga on the beach lead by Mary Louise Rose that brought me to tears as she walked us through loving every part of our body.

Then another delicious perfection of a meal by Chef Bria.

Second session tears were released, intentions were shared, love was shared, support was given, and my heart just burst with joy.

In-home luxury massage were received throughout the day.

Then we left for the adventure part of my retreat to go down the beach in Hummers to see the wild horses.

Came back to a counter full of nachos that blew our mind!

To wrap up the night everyone connected, had deep conversations, laughed a lot, tarot readings, hot tub shenanigans, wine was shared and so much more.

I had a vision 6 months ago and to see it come to fruition even better than I imagined fills my soul!

And we still have two days to go!!

Off to bed to recharge for day 2!

Much love ladies!
Coach Jackie 😘