My Destiny Makers membership is not for just entrepreneurs!

Someone asked me if they would be a fit for my Destiny Makers membership if they were an employee and not an entrepreneur. YES!!


Yes yes I know too broad. . Lol

Who says??

If you are a. . .

Woman who is a stay at home mom who wants to have more peace amongst the chaos. . . You’re a fit!

Woman working hard full time and realizing that you arent as happy as you thought and need a change. . . . You’re a fit!

Woman who wants to expand her vision of possibility and wants to make that vision happen. . . You’re a fit!

Woman who wants a safe place to fully be herself without judgment or fear. . . . You’re a fit!

Woman who is building her business and is getting overwhelmed and burnt out. . . You’re a fit!

Woman who wants more time freedom for herself so she can just be. . . . You’re a fit!

Woman who just wants to have weekly fun with some fellow bad ass women. . . You’re a fit!

Woman who wants more freedom and wants support to help her create it. . You’re a fit!

Tell me why you think you would be a fit! Im pretty sure you are!

I made this a no brainer at 55 a month which is less than 2 bucks a day or one dinner out if you dont drink. Lol

Come into our womens freedom movement for 90 days and see if its a fit for you!

I guarantee you won’t want to ever leave!

Its time to become the Destiny Maker you were born to be!

DM me with any questions! Here is the link to join:

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor