My heart is full!

Today was one of those days that I woke up slow-moving, not quite sure about my energy, and bordering on negative thoughts to start the day.

I know the concept, and teach it to my clients, of choice and the power we have to change our thoughts and the direction of our day.

AND sometimes it just ain’t gonna happen by yourself! Lol

That’s why it’s so important to have a community to surround yourself with to tap into and reach out to when you need to borrow some belief or newfound energy.

It started with a text conversation with my RV neighbor, friend, and business collaborator who is only 10 feet away from me, Suzy Wraines.

I expressed what I was feeling and she shared with me her excitement for the day and some great questions to ask myself about what I was thinking. Thanks girl!

Then I had the honor of leading my Polka Dot Powerhouse Members diamond small group mastermind. These women light me up every other week that we get together to celebrate and support each other with what we need.

Lastly (and it’s only 1230pm lol) I got to join Shannon Thomas Crotty, the founder of the amazing community of Polkadot Powerhouse for her quarterly masterclass with my fellow sisters to celebrate and contemplate.

I wanted to share the questions she asked us to reflect on now that we are home from the Celebration event we all just attended.

When you do something, are going through something, or experienced something ask these contemplation questions:

1. What is this trying to reflect to me?
2. What am I supposed to learn or gain from this?
3. What action demands to be taken from this reflection and lesson?

Choosing to connect and be around all of these amazing humans was an action that I am forever grateful for that I took!!

I could choose differently. . . .and I have in the past. . . And I have reflected, learned and decided the action that serves the woman I am today.

That action decision is to never do this alone or feel like I have to. I have to show up for the community to support.

This building of community and creating a place where people feel welcome immediately has been a gift of mine for my whole life.

I have 2 containers in my business that I do this in, my monthly Destiny Makers membership and my Freedom Creator Mastermind.

And even though its a passion of mine to create for others I was resisting receiving it for myself.


And so can you!

Thank you everyone for letting me receive your support and love! Today is another great day!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor