How I feel when I think about Tuesdays and getting to meet with my Destiny Makers monthly membership ladies in the afternoon and my Awaken Empower and Own mastermind ladies in the evening!!

My longest day of “work” and my favorite day!!

I put work in quotes because none of this feels like “work” anymore.

What kept me in leadership in the restaurant biz for so long was the 60% that didn’t feel like work to me.

The mentoring of people to move into next level roles in their lives and careers. See them increase their confidence levels and belief in self gave me a reason to get up and go every day!

What did feel like work was. . .

The lack of time to do what I wanted to do with my life outside of work to have a life of travel.
The limited money I was told I was worth by someone else that I had no control over.
The lack of freedom to do things that I intuitively knew would be better for all.
The limited ability of choice of who my mentor was and who I got to mentor or even the choice to promote when I felt they were ready.

As an entrepreneur I get to take radical responsibility for all of this!

Which can be scary as hell!


Liberating as hell!

If I dont like my mentor. . . Thats on me!
If I dont make enough money. . Thats on me!
If I dont like my schedule. . . Thats on me!
If I dont align with my clients. . . Thats on me!

This mindset shift from others deciding for you to you deciding for you is huge and one of the 5 things that hold people back from taking the leap to where they truly desire to go.

Thats why I created 5 parts of Your Roadmap to Freedom free masterclass to help you with what is holding you back from having the control of your decisions towards your freedom life.

Join me March 30th at 12pm est time!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist