Having a dining room table again for the week while we are staying in a cabin while the RV gets fixed has made me realize how much I miss it!
We love our RV home but we don’t have a table and chairs unless we open up the back area or sit outside on the porch in camping chairs.

You see….

My whole business was built from my dining room table. ❤️
My relationship with my love and his kids got stronger over the dining room table. ❤️
My fur baby feels safe and secure under the dining room table. ❤️

I’m curious, does anyone else feel this way? 🤔

Oh and made the most kick ass dinner from the random ingredients we brought with us to the cabin from the RV.

Chicken and sauted zuccini, yellow peppers, green onions and mushrooms cooked in salsa with thin spaghetti and topped with shredded mexican cheese. Yummmo!!