Oh the memories. . .

This was taken back in 2013 when I was officially divorced and in the dating phase of my life!

I remember feeling super cute and confident in the way I looked for the dating journey. And what’s crazy is that during this time was when Mike and I officially met for the first time and dated for a couple months and it didn’t work out.

I had lost a bunch of weight after my separation and divorce and was living it up “sowing my oats” as they say with online dating.

Here’s the interesting part. . .

Even though I was loving my change and feeling confident in my looks I was still not loving myself the way I deserved to be loved.

I got lots of likes and asked out on lots of dates. And yet I would let go the good ones and hold on to the ones that weren’t good for me. (Ie. Mike! Yes he was one of the good ones lol)

I was in relationships with men that were an energetic match for what I believed I was worthy of at that time. . . .

Read that again. . . .

We will only receive and let into our lives what we believe we are worthy of.

3 years later Mike saw me online and said “you are still here and I’m still here so would you be willing to give it another try?”

I said yes not knowing what would happen but I remember him being a good guy and I had no idea why we didn’t work out the first time.

We were both at a different place in life and had believed in ourselves more and were now an energetic match for each other.

Our relationship hasnt been all rainbows and unicorns but what is has been is a growth journey for both of us.

We had to learn how to love ourselves more each day and to let ourselves be loved by another fully and be willing to receive it! Which we both had a struggle with.

The moral of the story is the outside doesnt always match the inner belief.

I’m in a bigger body now than I was then and feel more confident in myself and love the crap out of who I am and who I am becoming!

If you feel like you are in a place that your inner belief, thoughts and feelings of self aren’t aligned with what you desire to feel and experience reach out and lets talk.

Changing this relationship with self and love is one of the biggest things that have helped me create the Freedom life I talk about every day.

Its not the money that creates this life, it enhances it, but its not the foundation to it.

The foundation is truly loving who you are and owning the crap out of that!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor