Today I’m getting my eyes checked to find out what’s causing this random blurriness in my right eye that hasn’t gone away.

I pulled my card to start my day and it made me think about what healing I need to do underneath this issue.

What am I worried about that I can’t see clearly? And what feelings am I not letting myself feel around that worry?

Our body doesn’t lie!

We will create disease in our body to help us get the lesson.

Whether that lesson is to see what we can’t see, feel what we won’t allow ourselves to feel, or to let go of what we need to let go of.

As I reflected on this I thought about how much I have had to let go and let God lately with all the personal stuff.

This has slowed down my activity in my business and that has created a lack of clarity for me moving forward. I’ve been saying its time to get back into my groove again!

But what I realized today is the groove is meant to be different. It feels like it’s different. And I’m wondering why I’m just not getting back to the groove immediately.

Today I’m letting myself feel the feels of my fear around what’s next and once again letting go and letting God.

Its time to get silent and listen and trust and take action from that place. Not the place of the shoulds.

Have you ever felt resistance to doing something and it came from that place of intuition but yet you did it anyway because you were “supposed” to?

I challenge you and myself today to trust that voice, that inner knowing, and listen and take action from there.

No matter how crazy, weird, not realistic it may seem to your world around you. . .

Listen, trust and move!!

Much love
Coach Jackie

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