OWN the Leader Within. . .

What does that even mean??

I remember a couple years ago hearing this like “own you” “get back to you” ” find you”.

I was like ummmm….I’m with me all day everyday so of course I know me and own me!

Didn’t get it and to be honest it all felt a little woo woo and that wasn’t for me and I just didn’t get it.

Can you relate?

Once I started this coaching self development healing journey 3 years ago I had this Holy
Shit moment. . .

I had no idea who I really was because I was spending all my time trying to fix others to AVOID dealing with my shit!

Avoiding.. . .
Being alone with me
My past traumas
Stepping into my greatness
Receiving love from others
The possibility of abandonment
Feeling my true feelings
True connection
Feeling safe in my own body
Loving myself. . .all of me
Owning me. . . all of me

Once I Awakened to the awareness of these things and Empowered myself with the power to decide to heal and make the changes that serve me, I was able to understand what everyone meant when they said Own You.

Owning you fully and unapologetically means. . .

To love yourself fiercely
To respect your body fully
To trust in your inner knowing
To feel safe in your skin
To stand in your gifts with passion
To make decisions swiftly and confidently
To receive others love for you
To give without expectation
To know you belong just by being you
To have the courage to go for it
To know its safe to feel the feels
To OWN that you are enough and worthy just by being you!

OWN the Leader Within is the third set of 4 days of the AEO bundle where together we will OWN your leader within so you can truly stand in your Badassery!!

Once Awakened, Empowered and Owning you unapologetically you get to create the Freedom Life you desire effortlessly!

From a place of self ownership that is so undeniable that you will wonder how you did it any other way!

We kick off August 22nd with the AEO bundle that is 555 for all three parts, Awaken,
Empower and Own!!

555 means big changes are coming!

Are you ready to OWN your leader within?

Much love ❤️
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist