What makes you unique?
What is that thing that you do without even knowing you do it?
What is that thing people say and feel when they are with you?

About a year ago I did an Akashic reading and it was new to me but I have been so open the past couple years to all different modalities and experiences to learn more about myself.

The thing that stuck out the most from the reading was when she said this to me:

You impact the people around you and change your world just by walking in the room and being you. . . . you are the energy of freedom and love for others.

Ummmm ok. . . and wow… and ummm really. . . why?…. and that’s conceded. . . and so many thoughts came flushing in when she said that to me.

A year later and lots of healing, growth, experiences, trust, surrender and all the things I GET IT!!

And I OWN IT!!

I own that when I get on a call with another human I don’t know they feel calm and relaxed and able to be themselves at hello.

I own that when I walk into a room where the energy is low they feel better instantly and the energy rises.

I own that when I bring women together in a group they feel safe to be vulnerable and tell their story because they belong there.

I own that when I hold the gift of belief for others until they get there they trust the journey.

When I ask the people I work with why they chose to work with me 100% of the time the answer is my energy.

Not the what I said
Not how many times I posted
Not how my branding looked
Not how I looked on a FB live

It was the feeling they got from the energy I held for them in the moments I showed up in their world. . . .

And they wanted more!
More possibility to believe
More space to be heard
More courage to be seen
More love to receive
More love to give
More love for themselves

You are not too much
You are not too sensitive
You are not too anything
You are you and that’s powerful!

That power is scary to let out
That power is unknown to most
That power meant to be seen

It’s time. . .Time to OWN the SHIT out of you!

First you must AWAKEN her!
Second you must EMPOWER her!
Lastly you must OWN her!

My unique advantage is the ability to help you move through all three of these in a much faster time period than doing it yourself.

You then can LIVE and LOVE your life so POWERFULLY like you never have yet, with YOUR purpose and passion and become the DESTINY MAKER you were always meant to be.

A life lived with the discomfort of going for the unknown and your desires is so much better than a life filled with the discomfort of regret of never going for what you truly want to experience!

Join me NOW in having the FREEDOMS you desire like love, body, brain, time, money, location and so much more!
Not sure the how or what?

Book a 1:1 with me now and let’s truly VISION what’s possible for the next part of your journey.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist