I’m sitting here looking at pics of my OBX retreat last April and in so much gratitude!!

As I sit here thinking about future retreats I get excited and nervous at the same time.

When you feel like something was so perfect and divine you wonder if you can duplicate such perfection.

The perfect group of women
The perfect combo of experiences
The perfect mentorship between all
The perfect shifts for each person
The perfect post retreat connections

People say there is no such thing as perfection. . .

I believe that you get to decide that your experience was perfect for you.

I decided in every moment of my first Freedom and Adventure retreat that perfection was created moment by moment.

Whether it’s in Tennessee in November, Montana in April or wherever we end up with whoever comes its all perfect exactly the way it lands.

If you decide you want to be part of one of my future retreats check out the info in the chat or private message me any questions you might have.

I’m excited and nervous (same emotion) to create more perfect experiences for all!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom and Adventure Retreat Mentor