Perspective drives performance- Inky Johnson

What is your perspective of Life? Love? Health? Career?

Is it that life is tough?
Is it that you can’t do something?
Is it that you are always the problem?
Is it that you are just the fat kid?
Is it that you aren’t meant for money?
Is it that someone hurt you?

If so why?

Because of the past money experiences?
Because of what someone did to you?
Because your have always been heavy?
Because you were told you were nothing?
Because you failed at something?

Truth is . . . .
What you believe to be true will be true.
Your past has no control over your future.
What you focus on grows.
Everything up till this very moment of you reading this is total bullshit!

You GET to CHOOSE your perspective!

So what is it going to be?
What will you focus on?
How will you take control of your thoughts?

Life is abundant!

Money is flowing my way all the time!
I can do whatever I want to do!

Life is full of opportunities waiting for me to take them!

What is yours?

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Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor