I joined Polkadot Powerhouse while I lived in the Virginia area after Katie Landi Jordan said to me “Hey girl, if you plan on going full time RV traveling PDP is perfect for you because we are all over the country!” Smart woman right??

I joined in December and didn’t actually do much my first year! As renewal came up I said to myself “you are either going all in or not renewing!!” I chose all in and upped my game to Diamond and Worldwide chapter because I was officially a nomad.

Since then I have been able to lead some amazing women in the small group masterminds, go to my first celebration in Colorado, visit some local chapters across the country in person, speak for some of the chapters and inspire, create some awesome relationships, and I am beyond excited for what’s to come!!

Thank you to Shannon Thomas Crotty for creating such an amazing place for all of us to grow and thrive together!

Thank you for everyone who has taken time to do a connect with me, collaborate with me, and support me or let me support them!

Thank you to all who have offered a place for me to park our RV home when we plan on leaving Virginia to start traveling again!

If you are ready to find your tribe of women that are in it to know you and win it together, come join us!

Much love
Coach Jackie 😘