Prompting. . . and how it relates to asking for referrals from the people who already love you!

Today in my small group mastermind we were celebrating the last 3 months and discussing challenges we had.

I realized a couple weeks ago that I have not been asking for referrals from my biggest champions fpr the longest time.

I was waiting and hoping they would just do it without asking.

While this has happened in the past you still need to ask! Or what Becky Plautz called promting others to do so!

People are busy! And we are not the first thing on their mind through the chaos and shouldn’t expect it to be that way.

As business owners we must ask for what we want. And on top of that make it easy for them to do.

Listen to how we get to prompt our people which makes it easy for them to refer people to us.

Another way you get to be a leader of self and others in this crazy journey of entrepreneurship!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

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